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Welcome to my Portfolio Page. It's a great opportunity to help you understand the context and background of my latest work. If you would like to check out the full version, please hit the button below. 


Ashley K Socials

For this project, I was able to build a website in the Divi Builder/WordPress. Optimizing all the pages, adding new modules, creating mobile responsiveness, SEO, backend improvements, saving stock photos, adding new projects in WP, and much more. Check it out:


Speak on Podcasts

For this project, I've been building landing pages in Elementor/WordPress. Optimizing current templates, reviewing the website copy, creating mobile responsiveness, SEO, backend improvements. Besides that, I belong to the copywriting team for the media outreach.


Virtual Assistant Internship

This is the project for my Virtual Assistant training when I could build most of my portfolio. From blog posts, social media graphics, Instagram strategies, podcast/video editing & management, email marketing, web management, and much more. 


Travel Blog

In this project, I helped to create social media assets for a travel blog. Designing the graphics for Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, Facebook cover, as well as the marketing copy to be published as captions and newsletter. 

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