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Image by Michael Olsen

Professional Values


I am a reliable partner who is eager to solve problems. I would love to bring my proactive, intuitive, and creative thinking to your business.

Being PROACTIVE is deeply relevant in this role. I will keep attention to all details, so then I am able to assume responsibilities, act on tasks that are time-consuming, and implement systems that will help the workflow. 

Being INTUITIVE makes me a person who belongs to a group of warm, forthright types who love helping others, and tend to have strong ideas and values. It is definitely how I perform within a team in order to save people time by supporting them in every way I can. 

Working with me means you will have a CREATIVE partner who enjoys seeing beautiful results while producing graphic design, social media copy, email marketing, and much more. I really feel inspired when I am able to apply my skills and transmit a message which will resonate with my values. 



Personal Background


So who am I? I am a passionate and energetic girl who has been embracing new challenges over the past years. The possibility of constantly learning new things like language, culture, places, history led me to a new world. 


I am originally from the Northeast of Brazil but call myself (that cliche) a citizen of the world. I have been to 32 countries so far and cannot imagine settling down for the moment and it is the main reason for choosing an online career.

Beginning my business as a service provider meant a lot to me, it was the perfect chance to use my energy for meaningful projects. Some people devote their entire lives to perfecting their practice and some found a way to turn it into a business. But all of them, no matter what their passion is, want one thing: to share it with the world.

I am here to help you with the right words to talk about your mission, reach the right people, and make them understand how valuable it is, just like you do.


Let's Begin Our Partnership Today!

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